Version 6.1.0 is out!All new PBR, VFX and UI shaders!

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ORL Shaders Changelog


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6.1.0 Release Trailer


Update 6.1 brings 20 new shaders, a whole new UI shader group, and redone documentation with better demos and layouts.

It is also the first release to support the VCC!

New Shaders

  • PBR
    • Dither Fade
    • Dissolve
    • Video Screen
  • VFX
    • Ghost Lines
    • Shield
    • Laser
    • Holographic Parallax
  • UI (New Pack)
    • Base Shader
    • Overlay
    • Audio Link
    • Layered Parallax
    • Scrolling Texture
    • Sheen
    • Video Screen

New Shader Variants

  • LTCGI Cutout
  • AudioLink Vertex Animation

Other Changes

  • Added gradient editor to the Ramp slot in the Toon shader
  • Improved the naming and location of repacked textures
  • Added VCC Support
  • Added Overlay, Screen and Lighten blends to the utility module

Known Issues

  • Specular occlusion is currently not as aggressive on metallic surfaces as desired. I'm currently looking into reworking the specular occlusion code to make it work properly