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VFX Shaders

Laser Shader

A simple laser shader with support for trail renderers

Laser Shader Demo

Laser ShaderLaser Shader

  • Color: Controls the main color of the laser
  • Use Trail Color: Enabling this ignores the Color and uses the vertex color of the Trail Renderer instead
  • Noise Coordinate Space: Controls which coordinate space the noise is applied in
    • Local Space: applies the noise in local space. Best for objects that you want to move and resize without affecting the noise looc
    • World Space: applies the noise in world space. Best for objects that you want to move around but not resize
    • UV Space: applies the noise in UV space. Best for flat objects that do not work well with Local
      • Selecting UV space also enables Scale Y controls

Noise Coordinate Space

When used with a line renderer - UV Space is recommended for all the noise space parameters

You might need to increase the noise scale quite a bit as a result as well, while keeping Noise Scale Y low, usually around 0.01-0.1

The rest of parameters is repeated for both the 1st and 2nd noise layers

  • Noise Scale: Controls the scale of the noise applied to the laser. The higher the scale the more the effect will look like a cloud of particles
  • Noise Strength: Controls the brightness of the noise layer
  • Noise Contrast: Controls the range of values used by the noise layer
  • Noise Scroll Space: Sets the coordinate space used for the noise layer. When set to Local Space - you can freely scale the object and the relative noise scale will stay the same.
  • 1st Noise Scroll Scroll (X/Y/Z): Sets the scrolling speed of the noise layer along the X/Y/Z axis

Waviness parameters allow you to add an extra level of detail to the effect

  • Waviness Texture: Sets the texture to be multiplied over the noise effect. Useful for making the noise pattern non-uniform across the length of the laser beam
  • Waviness Contrast: Controls the range of values used by the waviness texture
  • Waviness Scroll (X/Y): Sets the scrolling speed of the waviness texture along the X/Y axis

Waviness Texture

Try out different textures in the Waviness Texture slot! Even the default particle texture with X tiling set to a high value can yield some interesting results.

The following parameters are internal and are generally not meant to be modified

  • Noise Texture: A special pre-baked noise texture