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🔠 Layered Material

Options relevant to the orels1/Standard Layered Material shader

This is a special shader that replicates most of the Base Shader settings, but does it per-layer with up to 4 layers

Layers are masked using vertex colors, which allows you to utilize the same material on more different meshes, while keeping visual variety. The shader includes a debugging mode for ease of use

Triplanar Variant

This shader also has a variant with Triplanar Effects support for added variety

Layered Material Demo
An example mesh using different material layers for the body and the handles

Layered Material Debug View
Vertex Color debug view

General Settings

  • Layer Count: The amount of layers used. Can go between 1 and 4
  • Vertex Color Debugging: Enables the Vertex Color debug view, see example above

Per-Layer Settings

All of the options here are cloned from the Base Shader's Main Settings, check that documentation for more info

The layers are by default filtered using these vertex colors:

  • Layer 1: Black vertex color
  • Layer 2: Red vertex color
  • Layer 3: Green vertex color
  • Layer 4: Blue vertex color

But you can swap the colors around if you want

Texture Sampling Cost

While this shader does its best to not do unnecessary operations, overall sampling a lot of textures has a cost, so make sure you actually need these features before using it