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VFX Shaders

Shield Shader

Multi-layered energy shield shader with pre-baked noise

Shield Shader Demo

Shield ShaderShield Shader

  • Global Tint: Sets the tint color applied to the whole effect
  • Noise Texture: A special pre-baked noise texture. Not meant to be modified
  • Layer 1
    • Color: Controls the color of the layer
    • Smoothing: Sets the level of smoothing applied to the layer lines. The higher the value - the more blurred the effect will be
    • Width: Controls the width of the lines. Becomes solid blobs at high values
    • Movement: Controls the movement of the effect in World Space along the X/Y/Z axis
  • Layer 2: Provides the same settings as Layer 1 but for the 2nd layer of the effect
  • Depth Blend Enabled: Toggles the depth-based edge highlight effect when near other objects in the environment
  • Blend Distance: Controls how far the objects need to be from the effect to start blending
  • Blend Tint: Sets the tint color applied to the edge highlight effect

Depth Blending Requires Depth Pass

The depth blending effect requires a depth pass in the world. The easiest way to achieve one is to create a light with settings like this:

  • Intensity 0.001
  • Shadow Type: Hard Shadows
  • Strength: 0.001
  • Culling Mask: Only Stereo Left