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Standard Shaders (PBR)

Dither Fade Shader

Options relevant to the orels1/Standard Dither Fade shader and other Dither Fade variants

A distance fade shader that uses a special dither texture for a smooth cutout transition during the fade.

Has both PBR and VFX (Unlit) variants:

  • orels1/Standard Dither Fade
  • orels1/VFX/Dither Fade

Dither Fade Demo

Dither Fade InspectorDither Fade Inspector

  • Dither Texture: The texture used to fade the dissolve effect. Is expected to be a special Bayer/other dither texture. The shader package comes with one included
  • Fade Start: Controls the distance at which the fading will start. Is defined in World Units
  • Fade End: Controls the distance at which the fading will end. Is defined in World Units
  • Override Fade: When enabled - provides manual control over the fade. Useful for animations
  • Fade Progress: Only visible when Override Fade is enabled. Controls the fade progress, where 1 is fully faded out