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VFX Shaders

Holographic Parallax Shader

Simple stacked-parallax shader fitted for holograms

Holographic Parallax with video as a source

Holographic Parallax InspectorHolographic Parallax Inspector

  • Stacked Layers: Controls the number of stacked layers to draw
    • Ten/Six/Four/Two: Sets the number of layers to draw to 10, 6, 4 or 2
  • Stacked Texture: The source texture to use
  • Tint Color: Controls the tint of the topmost layer
  • Stacked Color: Controls the tint of the stacked layers
  • Stacked Color Smoothing: Controls the smoothness of the transition from the source texture color to the Stacked Color
    • You can set the Stacked Color to black and crank up the smoothing if you do not want this effect
  • Stacked Intensity: Controls the brightness of the stacked layers
  • Layer Fade: Controls the amount each layer fades by. Every next layer fades more than the previous one
  • Layer Step: Controls the depth offset of each layer
  • Angle Falloff: Controls how much the brightness/opacity of the stacked layers drops off when looking straight at the mesh surface vs at a glancing angle. This mimics real-world displays

Dark Color Filter

  • Dark Color Filter Enabled: Controls whether the filter is applied. When enabled - any colors below Dark Threshold in brightness will be cut out
  • Dark Threshold: Controls the threshold below which the colors will be cut

An example of dark color filter


  • Flicker Enabled: Controls whether the flicker effect is applied
  • Flicker Speed: Sets the speed of the flicker
  • Flicker Range: Controls the brightness range of the flicker effect. Setting this to a high range might be unpleasant to look at when up close, so make sure you use it wisely


  • Alpha Mask: The texture to use for masking
  • Mask Channel: Controls which channel of the texture is used for masking
    • R/G/B/A: Uses the Red/Green/Blue/Alpha channel of the texture
  • Mask Strength: Controls the strength of the masking effect
  • Culling Mode: Controls the culling mode of the mesh
    • Off: Disables culling
    • Front: Culls the front faces
    • Back: Culls the back faces