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UI Shaders

Scrolling Texture Shader

Options relevant to the orels1/UI/Scrolling Texture shader

This shader provides simple UI scrolling texture functionality with an optional Parallax effect to be used with Unity UI

Scrolling Demo

Scrolling InspectorScrolling Inspector

  • Scroll Speed (X/Y): Controls the speed of texture scrolling
  • Texture Tiling: Controls the texture tiling
  • Parallax Offset: Controls the parallax offset of the texture for a fake-depth effect
  • Edge Fade: Enables the edge fading effect
  • Fade Scale: Controls the size of the fade shape. The larger the scale - the closer the fade will be to the edge of the UI element. Only visible when Edge Fade is enabled
  • Fade Amount: Controls the amount of smooth blending applied to the edge fade. Only visible when Edge Fade is enabled
  • Edge Rounding: Controls the amount of rounding applied to the edge fade rectangle corners. Only visible when Edge Fade is enabled

Parallax Offset

Make sure your root Canvas component has Normal and Tangent checked in the Additional Shader Channels dropdown when using Parallax Offset setting.

Layered Parallax