Version 6.3.0 is out!LOD Crossfade and VRCFallback support!

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How to Contribute

ORL Shaders are an evolving project, and I'll be happy to accept any contributions you may have. If you want to contribute, I recommend starting by playing around with the shaders, the inspector, and the generator.

The generator Development Basics guide is an essential piece of documentation to read before contributing to the generator. It goes over the general structure of each shader and how all of it comes together.

Reporting Bugs

If you spot a bug in the shaders, please open an issue on GitHub. Please include the following information:

  • Version of Unity you're using
  • Version of the shaders you're using
  • A screenshot if possible
  • Any console errors you're getting
  • A platform you're building for (PC/Android/Mac)

You can also join the Discord and create a new support request there in the #help-and-dev forum!