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ORL Shader Family

A Filament-based collection of shaders + extras. Pronounced as "orel" (aw-rEl)

Shader Types

Any shader containing "Standard" in the name is PBR-based. With everything else being special shaders for VFX and other specific purposes


Repo Download

You can also download the repo itself as a ZIP file, it has the same contents as the unity package on the release page

Demo World

If you're interested in seeing most of the shaders in action, you can check out this world which uses them for basically everything and has some demos for you to play with!

The Demo World


While most of the shaders were written by me (orels1), a lot of the Google Filament-related code is based on the implementations done by z3y and Silent, please check out their shaders too!

While the above shaders have served as an incredibly well made bases that I drew from to make the PBR setup for the ORL Standard family of shaders, I extended mine with a lot of extra features like Audio Link, Vertex Animations, a simple Glass variant and others.

For building the final shader files in a nice modular way - the Modular Shader System by VRLabs was used. I highly recommend checking it out if you are a shader developer!

Also absolutely gigantic Thank You to the VRC Shader Dev discord for helping me along the way!